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The Artist Collective

Brandon Zano (Artist/Producer)

Geno Lenardo (Filter, Divice) 

Sean Beavan (Producer, 8mm)

Juliette Beavan (8mm)

Kris Roe (The Ataris) 

Lindsay Manfredi (Cold) 

Lukas Rossi (Artist) 

Breyer White (Artist) 

Jenna Fournier (Niights)

Jesse Smith (Zao, Serpent / Servant / Slave) 

Dave Kinsler (Exec Producer, Film Director, Publicist) 

Jonny Radtke (Kill Hanna, Filter, 8mm) 

Anastasia Grace (The Haunt) 

Sammi Doll (IAMX) 

Kay Cook (Artist)

Kat Leon (Holy Wars)

Logan Hadley (Artist) 

Mikey Carvajal (Islander)

Russell Condon (Town Meeting) 

Sierra Swan (Artist, Smashing Pumpkins, Black Eyed Peas)

In honor of Chester Bennington and everyone who is struggling with mental health all proceeds from purchasing this song and/or poster through will be donated to 320 Changes Direction. 

320 was born from Talinda Bennington's experiences and the realization that we can do better to help  people who are living with mental health issues. The goal is to streamline access to resources and change the culture of mental health so those who are  struggling are able to talk openly so they, and their families, can get the care they need. 

There are many ways to support this cause, purchasing the song is just one. Click the image below to visit their site and learn how you can be an advocate for mental health too.

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