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Sound Design and Production

Zano Studios will make sure your sound has the right tones making it a cohesive well-glued track. He has access to a wide range of samples, software, and he can create original sounds to fill your arrangement.

Vocal Production

Zano is an accomplished vocalist so he can help you achieve your vocal goals. His deep knowledge of melodies and harmonies will boost your song to the next level. Zano can edit, tune and mix your vocal tracks to complete your sound.


Zano Studios can take your vocal ideas and compose a unique custom track to make your idea come alive. He is a vocalist, plays guitar, bass, drums, synths, and more to ensure your sound is complete. 


Zano understands the art of laying music to a timeline to ensure your music keeps the listener's attention while allowing you to explore out of the box ideas. 


Zano will balance levels,  pan sounds, EQ, compress, enhance harmonics, fix sound problems, and add various effects to make your track ready for mastering.


Zano can help take your poetic idea and bring it to life through a co-writing experience where your story can be told.


Zano can create a custom beat for your vocal track. Check out the sound cloud for some inspiration or to see a sample of what he can do.

Hired Gun

Zano has been performing live for 30+ years. He can sing, play guitar, bass, and drums for your live performances. 

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